The International Association of Working Women was established in Los Angeles in 2012 by Har Luxton and Heather Donahue. Currently headquartered in Calgary, Canada (with a sister office in Costa Blanca, Spain) the association is dedicated to enhancing the status, improving working conditions and advancing the rights of professional women across all industries including: Film, Television, Digital, Fashion, Music, Art, Journalism, Literature, Sports, Politics, Business and Science. 

Aims and Objectives

  • To recognize and reward the outstanding achievements of professional women world-wide. 
  • Create networking platforms and opportunities for professional women across all continents.
  • Enhance the status of working women. 
  • Increase awareness of opportunities in fields underrepresented by women. 
  • Encourage diversity and equality in the workplace.
  • Prepare women for occupations by creating free global mentorship, internship and training opportunities.
  • To collaborate with governments to research, survey and collect data on the needs of professional women for human resource development, social impact and policy change.

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